Midlife Krisis: Goes Korean

      "Thou shalt not plan. Thou shalt not hurry. Thou shalt not travel 
       without  backpacks, on anything other than backroads.  And thou 
       shalt not, ever, in any circumstance, call thyself a tourist."
                 (Golden Commandments of The Overlander)

                            'Video Night In Kathmandu'    Pico Iyer

I had a five-day weekend over Chuseok, and couldn’t decide where to go. I kept checking flight prices and times, and most flights were either too expensive, or the travel times were too inconvenient. I have a couple of countries on my list to visit that are reserved for short breaks. Taiwan is always an easy and viable option. I also considered Thailand. Typically, a return flight from Seoul to Bangkok is around $400.00. There are many, many places I want to see in Thailand, and although I wouldn’t be able to see much in five days, I knew I could see Bangkok and take an overnight trip to…

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