Map of Time | A Trip Into the Past

Sometime in the 1830s a Hunkpapa Lakota boy named Jumping Badger, nicknamed Slow, was born to Sitting Bull and Her-Holy-Door. As he grew, Slow was trained in the ways of a warrior and became an excellent huntsman. At 10-years-old he killed his first buffalo and four years later counted his first coup. With the latter feat Slow returned to his family a hero in his own right. Sitting Bull gave his own name to Slow, while he took the name Jumping Bull. The newly named father gave a shield and lance to Sitting Bull, which his young son would cherish for the rest of his days.

Of the many things Sitting Bull is known for one thing worth noting is his generosity. Throughout his tumultuous life he would remain generous to his people, ready to provide for those in need. He could also be generous in fleshing out punishment. The sound of…

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